“I decided to become a PT to assist each client to find the right balance to maximize their health as gyms, exercising and diet can be very overwhelming so I love the idea of being a guide of some sorts” – Aude.

Growing up in a health and fitness orientated family, Aude was always running, climbing or participating in any sport related activities including gymnastics and athletics. As a student Aude has done 1 year of crossfit and yoga and started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approximately 5 months ago here at Arruda Team.

With fitness always being part of her environment and personal interest, the career choice to become a personal trainer was natural.  Aude has her level 1 and 2 in ZUU training which focus on functional training and also level 1 and 2 as a fitness boxing instructor. Her main goal is to assist in finding the right balance of optimum health for each of her clients.  She does this by focusing on building the right foundations so you can reach your target successfully.