This is a page for frequently asked questions. Use the drop down to find answers to some common questions. We are constantly updating our FAQ database but if you happen to have a question or concern that we haven’t answered here, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

If you are coming to try a BJJ class and don’t have a Gi, wear tracksuit pants or shorts and a t-shirt. Make sure you bring a LARGE bottle of water and a towel. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early so we can meet you and show you through our gym.

We are a reasonably casual gym but we do observe some formalities:

1. We never wear any footwear on the mats.

2. As a sign of respect, we bow to our instructor when entering/leaving the mats.

3. We always wear shoes / flip flops when off the mats.

4. We expect that our students are respectful to our instructors and of each other.

Like any new thing, your first lesson can be a bit daunting! Don’t worry, we will make sure that you receive plenty of guidance so that you feel comfortable and are able to complete the routines and techniques. Usually, this means we will partner you up with someone with a bit more experience who will help you and “show you the ropes”.
Our classes generally follow this structure:

1. Warm-up: 5-10 minutes of BJJ-centric exercises that are designed to develop BJJ ability and fitness.

2. Drills & Exercises: 30-60 minutes of technical drills and training to improve your BJJ.

3. Rolling: 45-60 minutes of putting the techniques in to practice by rolling (wrestling/fighting) with a partner.

Arruda BJJ is proud to be able to offer fantastic facilities in a central location. We have a large mat area totaling over 200 square meters. We have a separate gym area offering free weights, machines, bags and mirrors. Separate change rooms. Large bathroom and shower facilities. Fridge with water and energy/recovery drinks. Sitting areas. Access to fightwear and equipment through our partnership with Synergy Fight Shop. Ample under cover parking.

As with any sport, there is always a small chance of injury however, serious injuries are VERY RARE. Arruda BJJ takes the well being of our students very seriously. If we observe dangerous practice we will immediately intervene.

Absolutely! The core principle of BJJ is that a smaller opponent can defeat a larger opponent through the use of technique. Because of this principle, BJJ is highly suited to Women and is enjoying growing popularity both as a sport and as self defense.

No! BJJ is an excellent way to get fitter and stronger and age is no barrier. BJJ is unique among martial arts in that you can dictate the intensity of your training. If you want to train hard, you can and if you feel like you need to ease off, you can too! Either way you will see a huge improvement in your fitness and well being.

This really depends on your injury. Please discuss this with us BEFORE you train as we have many training options including low impact that may be more suitable.

There is no “minimum” age but the student should be able to follow instructions/direction from our instructors. As a guideline, we find that kids between 5-6 years old are “capable” and kids that are 7-8 years old are “ready”. As always, please speak to us so we can understand your needs as this is often a case by case basis.

Generally, once started, we prefer our students complete a full training session. Having said this, we also understand that our students have to work/have family commitments etc. particularly in the morning sessions. If you do need to leave early, please let us know prior to class starting so we can assess our numbers for drills etc.

It is not compulsory but most students do wear a mouth-guard during the “Rolling” training to help prevent injury.

No. Groin-guards are prohibited as they can impede the ability to “feel” an opponents joint stress. This is standard across BJJ.

Of course! Better still, they can join us on the mats and experience it for them self with a free trial lesson!

You will work hard in most training sessions and consequently your training gear will become quite sweaty. For hygiene purposes your training gear will need to be washed after every session.

The mats are made of 40mm thick foam. They are designed to enable students comfort whilst training as well as protect students from impact injury. These are standard across BJJ.

Absolutely! All our training options are an excellent way to increase your fitness and develop a great, healthy body in a supportive environment.